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Step One

Select the product you would like to buy, enter the quantity, and click "Add to Cart".

After clicking "Add to Cart", you will see that the product is already in your shopping cart, and you can continue to browse our store to add other products.


If you can complete the purchase, click "Checkout".

You will see the order details, please make sure that there is no mistake on your order.

(Reminder: Once the order is paid, no refund will be made!)


After confirming that it is correct, deposit according to any method under the payment method, and then keep the receipt (if you are using an online platform to pay, please take a screenshot of the transfer completion interface and keep it), and then click "Go to checkout".

Step Two

After filling in all the above information, please provide your REAL phone number so that M.E. Studio or the courier company can contact you as soon as possible if there is any problem during the shipping process.


When done, click "Submit Order".

Step Three

Check the order again, and finally click "Add Picture", upload your payment receipt, and the entire purchase process is complete.

If you have any requirements, please let us know in the message box.



*Sunday is not the working day of the express company and the factory.  If the customer orders on the weekend, it will be postponed for at least one working day. In addition, the rainy day will also hinder the delivery speed.  If there is a delay, please be considerate.

**Orders will be cut off at 5 pm on each working day, all orders after 5 pm will be calculated on the next working day.