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Respect for Craftsmanship

GU. Craftsman was founded in 2010. We mainly produce and sell audio headphone cables, various plugs, and other accessories. Today, we sold and customized more than 10,000 HIFI headphone upgrade cables, and personalized customization has satisfied the majority. Our products are recognized and supported by enthusiasts.

Aim for Original Sound

The founder, Mr. Gu insisted on customizing HIFI headphones upgrade cable by hand. He was familiar with the characteristics of various HIFI wires. With the development of the times, the work of some traditional craftsmen has been gradually replaced by machinery.

However, our brand team members always insist on our original intentions — the “irreplaceable” craftsmanship spirit and the product concept of “great materials, great quality, great process, and great products”, focus on the ultimate high-quality production of earphone wires.

GU. Craftsman



    經過 200 小時後,分析力、 音場闊度及高頻延伸便趨於成熟, 500 小時後,線材已可發揮應有水準!


    絞數是指整條升級線由多少條線基編織而成,如 4 絞線是用 4 條線編織而成,同樣道理 8 絞是用 8 條線編織,如此類推。一般來說,成品是可以通過線材外觀直接計算出來。